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Cooks, decorators, and busy housekeepers agree: a kitchen is no place for carpet.  A properly placed and attractively designed kitchen rug, however, can add charm, interest, and warmth to the room.

Whether to have a kitchen rug is largely a matter of your personal preference.  Some people just can't deal with the thought of having a rug in a room where people are cooking and eating.  Even the smallest spill can result in a lifelong stain, or a sticky mess that can take forever to clean.  Those folks might be persuaded to change their ways, however, if they could see just how pretty the right rug can be in a kitchen.

It's important to remember that kitchen rugs are no longer the frail floor coverings they once were.  Modern rugs are created with fibers that are easier to clean, so spills can be wiped up faster, and stains aren't able to penetrate as deeply.
 With all of the different kinds of kitchen rugs that are available on today's market, it's easy to find one that will suit your both your family's lifestyle, and your kitchen's personality.  From fruity themes to classic country decor to sleek, modern styles, there is bound to be a rug out there that will complement the design and colour palette of your kitchen.

Even if your kitchen is in transition, you'll likely find a rug that will tie in to both the current theme, and your upcoming decor.  If you currently have a parade of country-blue cows and ducks bordering your cabinetry, but have visions of a sleek modern culinary oasis, you might choose a rug with a simple geometric design, highlighted with splashes of blue.  The rug will look fine with today's barnyard theme, and will be a great accent for your upcoming renovation.  Don't forget, kitchen rugs are usually very reasonably priced; so there's no reason why you can't treat yourself to one today, and then buy another when you've completed your redecorating.  Just put the old rug inside an outer door to absorb wet footprints.

Kitchen rugs really can add an element of warmth and personality to the room.  If you have recently redecorated, or are just looking for a new way to "spice up" the existing decor, pick up a kitchen rug.  This is also one of those very inexpensive but effective touches that can help to "sell" a room; so if you're planning on selling your home, it's certainly worth the investment.

Don't worry about the spills or the stains.  Once you can appreciate the charm it adds to the room, and feel the coziness on your toes, you'll wonder how you ever lived without your kitchen rug.
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