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Retreats are a key part of practicing insight meditation.  Many periods of sitting and walking together each day as a group improves concentration, energy and continuity of mindfulness that enables us to open our hearts and see more clearly the true nature if the experience.

Meditation retreats are a means of taking space to explore and coming to know your Being.  Learning who you are and why you are.  It helps you, in conjunction with other people like yourself, find inner peace and develop spiritual awareness.  It is a radical meditation technique that will take you on an incredible journey of self discovery.

There are a lot of meditation retreat centers that different groups or institutes offer, and you may want to discover your place among one of them:

Meditation Retreats Offered by Awareness Intensive Institute
This meditation retreats institute offers "Who is In?" and "Satori," a three day and weeklong workshops, where your basic needs will be completely provided for and taken care within a safe environment created by facilitators and staff.  It's more on focusing your energy and attention in experiencing directly through your all Being and not just from your mind; who is in, who you are, what is love, what is freedom and find answers to these questions you bear in your life.

Their meditation technique employed is "Self-Inquiry and Communication," where you come to know yourself and to explore your experience in the moment. Whatever you find you commune with, thereby discovering the mystery of your personality at your own pace and witnessing the movement of your unconscious while communicating to a partner.  It's unloading the mind and exploring deeper.

Who is in? # three day meditation retreats
With the means of the modern Zen Koan "Who is in?" this meditation retreat's technique goes inside to experience directly who we really are, beyond facades and layers of personality.  The question "Who am I?" is an appropriate question for every human being; it is an existential question and will never be obsolete.  If we want to become unique, letting go of all that we are not and claiming who we are is a way of achieving it. The organization of this process is designed to help focus all your energy inwards, reaching the core of our Being, which is peace, joy, and love the center of all.

Satori: a glimpse of enlightenment # a seven day retreat

What is my real nature?  This meditation retreat "Satori" aspires to have the direct experience of being, an experience of awakening, and an experience of a free mind.  Satori is not a therapy but is highly therapeutic, and does not have the objective of finding temporary solutions to daily problems but usually discovers them anyway.  It's an intense, candid, open and compassionate inquiry using the existential questions such as "Who am I? Who is in? What is life? What is Love?" and more, which is a path that can take a person from the confusion of the personality to the pinnacle of clarity.

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